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News Archives - 2010

December 6, 2010

Jeff writes...

You just can't beat it when you start out with a great crowd and THEN 30 or 40 hot young women streamed through the door at Paul's Neighborhood Bar on 12/4/10... ready to party. Talk about throwing gas on the fire. It was Stacie's Bachelorette party and they made quite the entrance. Fortunately we also had several doctors (Kelly, George, John) in the crowd just in case one of the Nascar guy's heart gave out on him.

November 26, 2010

Jeff writes...

Sugar River Lanes in Belleville 11/24/10: Everyone seemed to really enjoy Wild Heart's brand of country music....a lot! Who knew that was such a rockin' place. It was good to see a bunch of familiar faces but also great to meet some new country music lovers. We had a special surprise when Rebecca (formerly Wild Hearts lead singer) and her brother TJ showed up to cheer us on. We just couldn't talk her into getting up on stage to sing a few but maybe next time. She seemed to be missing the warm sunny Florida weather (who could blame her) but maybe we'll see her again this summer. Give us a couple of days to digest all of that turkey we just ate and we'll be raring to go at Country Corners this Sat. We've been playing a lot lately, I guess there is no rest for the wicked.

November 14, 2010

Jeff writes...

What a great crowd all night long at the Fifth Quarter. Without question we have to give this weeks line dancing award to Lori and Segrin. I think Tracy was especially impressed with their high kickin'. Lots of great slow dancin goin on too..... Bruce and Amy kicked that off with "Love Will Keep You Alive" but I think we have to give Bruce the Bumper Sticker award for volunteering to put so many of them on so many...ah....er......bumpers. Amy kept a close eye on him though just to make sure he didn't get himself into trouble. John and Barb stopped out but I didn't get a chance to chat.... we'll just have to catch up next time. Tommy Doran dropped in with a traveling bachelor party and is going to party with Wild Heart at the Sugar River Lanes in Belleville on the 24th..... that's going to be a wild night. Rumor has it he is bringing his sister. Blast from the Past: A group of friendly familiar faces from the old Isle of Capri days dropped in to say hi and hang out.

October 31, 2010

Preacher &
Jeff write...

Jeff's been doing a great job filling in for me lately here in the old blog-o-sphere, and here is another contribution. In case ya'll were wondering, this is in reference to Halloween at the Northern Edge. I'll get some pics up in the next day or two!
-Preacher Man

Jeff "Bad Ass Scull Dusterer" mumbles (:-), er, writes...

Thanks to everyone who came out...first of all Annette and Rick, you sure know how to throw a party. Jon, Deb, Lyle, Donna, your costumes were very scary :-).... Ella and Courtney, glad you finally found us... John and Erich thanks for bringing your entire neighborhood out and winning all the T shirts ... and Doug and the gang, a special thanks for entertaining us with your fabulous dancing.

The band's costumes brought out our true personalities...TC as a go go dancer... everyone who knows her would say she has a strong inner desire to wear short skirts with sequins...Tracy is always laying for a cat fight so why not come as a cat...Preacher came as an eight foot tall mad hatter... what can you say about that he IS eight feet tall... Tom's hockey mask was scary as heck but he couldn't wear his glasses with it on. He sort of stumbled around like Mr. Magoo and that was very entertaining! Siggy's Mickey Mouse tie was just plain silly but since he carries sticks around with him no one dared to say anything...and me as a pumped up punk rocker with blue hair was fitting as Jane frequently finds me in the bathroom mumbling to myself with the lights out. I still maintain I was wearing a bad ass skull Duster coat like NEO but Jane say's it looked like a robe :-(..... a robe?

October 18, 2010

Jeff writes...

Last Saturday at the Corners was a fun one with a b-day celebration for Dave. Who I understand turned 39.... AGAIN! Deb, Jon, Linda and Jacque, chipped in on a really really good chocolate cake and I discovered that it went well with Brandy.... and rum .... and well..... beer. TC introduced Tracy to cherry bombs too and I think she may have created a monster. A special shout out to Tully and Joey from Rowdy Prairie Dogs and Al and Danny from Universal Sound who came out to liven things up a bit and say hi. Thank you to everyone who came out and braved the roads after the Badgers beat Ohio.

September 11, 2010

Jeff writes...

Thanks all who came out to the Edge last night in Lodi and enjoy Wild Heart. John, Stephanie, Eric, Bob, Linda, Cindy, Jerry and all of the awesome dancers. Happy B-day again Scott and Wally we WILL see you again 10/30/10 at the Edge for The Halloween Party...... Dress Scary now! Those of you who have never eaten at the Northern Edge are missing quite the treat. Really excellent food at outstanding prices.... I mean the choice of 4 fish entree's and was it 7 different types of potato... all you can eat for 9.99. Yikes I could barely play after that. Their steaks are out of this world too. My new mission in life is to work my way through their Menu. Thanks Annette, you have a great place.

September 9, 2010

Jeff writes...

We were warmly welcomed by Jeremy Pings and Jennifer Niles to the wonderful community of Prairie Du Sac/Sauk City this last Friday 9/3/10 as we pulled in to play for the WI State Cow Chip Throw. The greeting was warm but the weather was windy, cool and damp.... that however, did not stop us from having a great time!

This community gave us the opportunity to honor one of it's own, Adam Novak who lost his life in Afghanistan while serving his country with a few words of remembrance and the song "God Bless America". Governor Doyle has issued an executive order to lower the flags this Saturday 9/11/10.

September 2, 2010

Jeff writes...

It was great to see all the dancers at Arthurs in Spring Green on Friday. Doug, Cindy, Sam, Dennis and Ruth Ann came out to show us how it's done. Real two steppin....the real deal. What a treat for us watch them dance to our music. Thanks guys! It was nice to see some other old friends out too clappin, hootin and hollerin... Linda, Big Jim, Ruth, Wild Bill, Susan, Larry good to see you folks too.

Saturday at Bruce and Amy's wedding reception in New Glarus was an awesome time. There's nothing like playing at a wedding celebration for a bunch of really happy people dancin their hearts out. Bruce and Amy...You are an awesome couple and thank you so much for inviting Wild Heart to be a part of your celebration..... just remember "Love Will Keep You Alive" and Bruce you can finally now forget about "Summer of 69" :-) Well on to the next Wild Heart show this Friday 9/3 at the WI State Cow Chip Throw in Prairie du Sac. Come on out and throw some bull around with us.

August 18, 2010

Jeff writes...

Another great night at the Corners on Saturday. We were on top of our game and the crowd was outstanding. Many old friends were on hand to have fun and cheer us on: Jon, Deb, Tom, Colleen, Dave, Linda, Bob, Linda, Jason, Ella, Tony, Sarah, Randy to name just a few and we made a bunch of new friends too...John, Vicky, Jesse, Emily, Corky, Bob, Tom and it seemed like dozens of others we just didn't get a chance to talk to. Sorry about that but we try to keep the music coming and the breaks short. We had a secret guest vocalist sing a Johnny Cash song ... what fun! Most of all I'd like to send a special thanks to all of the marvelous dancers who hit the floor and helped to make the night extra special for us....that includes the pole dancing.

August 10, 2010

Jeff writes...

It might sound like a horror flick but "At Dusk They Came"! Monday night we played at Fitchburg Concerts in McKee park for a wonderful neighborhood crowd. Yes it was hot but they loved the music, the beer was flowing and and everyone seemed to have a great time all of the way through the encore. Once everyone cleared out though it was just Wild Heart vs the swarm. Sorry... but after a while it was every man for himself and I bailed and left Siggy and Tom behind to fend for themselves. I did check with Siggy today though just to make sure he survived.......

July 24, 2010


They say that idle hands are the devil's playground.

If so, then you should check out the Wild Heart HISTORY page. Amen brother!

January 30, 2010

Preacher & Jeff

I know, there hasn't been a sermon for quite a while. We've been pretty busy... and still are. And I've been working furiously on Wild Space, our "2.0" version of the web site. Stay tuned!

So to keep ya'll intertained Jeff has submitted a sermon of his own. I'll be giving him his own soap box in "2.0", but for now he writes...

Jefferson and Janie made a trip to Portage this afternoon to Steve's Firehouse Bar to check out the place and drop off some posters. We're there Saturday 3/13 and a few more times after that and wanted to see what's up! We were welcomed by Chuck Smith who immediately showed us the ropes and made us feel at home with a great Bloody Mary. This is one of those home town saloons with wood all around that makes you feel at home right away. Nothin fancy but it's easy to settle right in and once Chuck started talking about the drink specials we thought hmmmm....... this is will be fun. We are definitely in good time so come on down and join us.

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