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News ARCHIVES - 2011

November 21, 2011

Jeff writes...


...to the many VENUES who have had us in to play this year! (See the list below or our Past Gigs page)

...to our FABULOUS FANS to came out to see us! Have you checked our GALLERY? You might just be in some pictures!

We are PUMPED and READY for another great year of bringing you the best country music out there. Check our schedule and plan to join us for a show soon!

Ho-Chunk Casino-Madison & Baraboo * The Hody Bar & Grill * The WI State Horse Council Equine Foundation * Inn-Cognito * Country Corners * Toys for Tots * Star Spangled Celebration Battle for the Stage * Club Tavern * Midwest Horse Fair * Alliant Energy Center * Rex's Innkeeper * Northern Edge * Lucky's * Downtown Middleton Beach Party * Dane Firefighters Festival * WORT-FM * Capital Brewery * Badger Honor Flight * The View Bar & Grill * Black Earth Concerts in the Park * Verona Concerts in the Park * Plain Fire Department Festival * Paul's Neighborhood Bar * Fitchburg Concerts in the Park * Belvidere (IL) Horse Days 2011 * Brooklyn Fire Dept. Festival * 43rd Annual Ridgeway Labor Day Celebration * Roadhouse 51

November 21, 2011

Jeff writes...

Mary Bauer - a now-famous Wild Heart fan!HEY, LOOK WHO'S FAMOUS! It's Mary Bauer, one of Wild Heart's "groupies," sporting a rather...uh...unusual bra! She was noticed by ESPN photographer at the recent Packers game.

The Caption read: "Mary Bauer of Waunakee, Wis., has her picture taken outside Lambeau Field before an NFL football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011, in Green Bay, Wis." (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

Click here to see it on the ESPN site!

November 13, 2011

Jeff writes...

It's pretty hard to pull off a surprise 50th birthday party. Everyone expects something to happen, but even so, Deb Mick sure shocked the shi* out of her husband Jon. Of course having it a month early didn't hurt. We were honored to be included, and a thousand of Jon's closest friends made the whole night a screaming riot. (Speaking of screaming, I wish this headache would go away!)

October 24, 2011

Jeff writes...

It sure feels good to be back in the saddle after a month off. Oct. 15 at Country Corners and Oct. 22 at The Hody were both exceptional nights with large crowds (very good lookin' and intelligent too! :-) ), plus the band was really clicking. Our Halloween gig is up next...stay tuned for some very scary photos!

September 6, 2011

Jeff writes...

Labor Day weekend 2011 - Saturday we played in Brooklyn and Sunday in Ridgeway and both towns have a lot in common. They both have Fire Departments that put on one heck of a celebration (what would any of us do without those guys?) and a town full of people who love to have fun supporting their local fire department and labor in Wisconsin! If you don't believe me about my "fun" comment just look at the photos. Whew...for a minute I thought we might have to put up some tape in front of the stage in Ridgeway...

July 8, 2011

Tracy Jane writes...

FOR JUST A FEW DAYS YOU CAN STREAM OUR LIVE "UNPLUGGED" APPEARANCE ON WORT-FM from this morning, at their website! We talked and sang 4 songs. This link will be active for 6 days only, so until about 7/13 (counting today). See this page:
The show is MUD ACRES, showdate Friday July 8. Click PLAY and choose to open the file...iTunes player works, other players may also work. The segment with Wild Heart started at about 2:05 (that is, 2 hours 5 minutes). Check it out!

June 6, 2011

Jeff writes...

Well we had tons of sun, tons of sand and plenty of kids getting buried in it so I have to say it really did seem like a beach party...even though it was in the street. Hey! just use your imagination and go with it. That's what we did and what a great time we all had but when Tony and his bride showed up minutes before they were to be married at Forrestal's Parmenter Street Gallery, took off their shoes and danced in the sand we were...well, excited and confused at the same time. That's one of those things we used to call a "happening" back in the '60s. Perfect day, perfect party and the one of the wedding couple's perfect moments all rolled up into one.

May 19, 2011

Jeff writes...

Family is where it is at and I'm not only talking about blood relatives. The benefit we played for Jessica (Dickinson) Koerwitz was a huge success and showed us all what can happen when family and community pull together. A big shout-out for everyone who attended to help make this night for Jessica the very best it could be.

May 2, 2011

Jeff writes...

Two Great nights at Rex's InnKeeper in Waunakee (4/29 and 4/30) and that marked the first time Wild Heart has played there since I joined the band in 2002. We were warmly welcomed by Rex's and the people of Waunakee, Dane and surrounding area. Quite a few tried and true friends of Wild Heart were there both nights too (you guys know who you are :-) ) and the dance floor full of excellent dancers was a sight to behold. Talking about sights to behold we were all entertained by TC trying to work out a couple of new dance moves...

April 18, 2011

Jeff writes...

Was it the Hody or the Midwest Horse Fair? Actually it was both. We had one of our best crowds ever at the Hody last Saturday. A bunch (or should I say a posse) of them came out to dance and party all night long to their favorite country hits after a long day at the Midwest Horse Fair. Their cowboy hats and boots were a dead giveaway!

March 19, 2011

Jeff writes...

What a fantastic night at the Club Tavern last night. Thank you all for making it such a great evening. The Supple family Chuck, Sue and Callie showed us all how it's done when we played family tradition. What an honor it was to meet their dear friend, our state senator Jon Erpenbach.

February 15, 2011

Jeff writes...

A good time was had by all Feb. 12 in Johnson Creek for the WHSC Equine Foundation fundraiser. Lot's of dancin goin on (they love their country music) and the auction had everyone on the edge of their seats. A special thanks to Corky and Margo for all of their hard work.

January 16, 2011

Jeff writes...

Snow covered slippery roads didn't keep people away from the Hody, Jan 14 2011. I'm truly amazed at Wisconsinites desire to party and party we did. Check out the photo page. We played to a packed house and had a great time with Jerry and Sue, Bob and Linda, Jan, Van, Kelly, Steve, Stu, Allen, Jim, Tom and Colleen, Amy, Paul, Kari and dozens of others who came to whoop it up with Wild Heart. We're back at the Hody April 16 so make sure you make it to that one!

January 10, 2011

Jeff writes...

Well Ho-Chunk 1/7 &1/8 2011 turned out to be a great time for Wild Heart. Not only were we treated extremely well and had great crowds but we played really well. I don't just mean our instruments either. Rumor has it that Tracy only lost $2 in the slots but Preacher Man actually won $45 on a nickel bet. TC's not talking so she may or may not have played the slots well but she definitely blew everyones socks off with her singing. Rowena, Duane, Alice and Leslie came out to cheer us on and to my surprise Duane actually got out and danced. Several of our other favorite old friends and fans made it out too and we really appreciate it.

January 5, 2011

Jeff writes...

New Years Eve at the Northern Edge was, well what can you say, it was another awesome New Years Eve. Lots of friends braved the "foggy conditions" and came out to enjoy dinner plus after we did the count down, Annette broke out an incredible buffet for all to enjoy. Special guest award goes to Leinies John who once again pulled through and brought out some friends and family (Jessica and Erich) to join us for the evening. It was great to see Red Hot Rattler keyboardist Al Heideman too. Hey Al next time we should have you sit in on a tune.

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